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Should we consider time when it comes to love. When we are truly connected to a person does time mean anything. We are routinely programmed to think that time makes or breaks a situation. Give it some time ” is a common phrase we hear when thinking about a complicated situation. Maybe even indirect would be another grey area where we avoid.

Being in tune with another soul is an amazing feeling i think we may all agree. Will time dictate when you give up the sexuals ? Like you know your feeling each other, does it have to be a 5 month ban on the sexual relations?

Im just wondering? When ? Does time pose an issue ? Not saying just have sex with whoever without the interview process; hopefully a few dates ? I’m just thinking out loud; but help me figure it out.

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Jojoba oil can easily seep into the follicles and dissolve the sebum buildup, clearing up the blockage and facilitating the growth of new hair. The vitamins and minerals in the oil can nourish the skin and improve the overall health of the scalp.

For dry and frizzy hair
Jojoba oil to dry and frizzy hair can help moisturize and condition the hair, making it more manageable and tangle free. Apply the oil to the hair before wash or along with shampoo. This prevents the shampoo from stripping off the natural oil in the hair. You can also apply some Jojoba oil when the hair is still damp from a hair wash. The oil can form a thin waxy coating on each hair shaft, protecting it from the dust and dryness.

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To control dandruff
Dandruff is a very common complaint, almost everyone experiencing this irritating and embarrassing scalp condition at some stage in life. This condition is the result of scalp cells dying off at a higher than normal rate due to various reasons. Dryness of the scalp is a leading cause of dandruff; and it can very well be addressed by Jojoba oil application.

Shampoos containing zinc and selenium are commonly used to treat dandruff. It should be noted that Jojoba oil is naturally rich in these minerals, and that could be contributing to its effectiveness in controlling dandruff. Jojoba oil’s antifungal properties also may come in handy since dandruff is often complicated by fungal infections.

Relieves scalp psoriasis
Most people who have psoriasis may develop scalp psoriasis at times. The skin on the scalp peels off in silvery flakes resembling dandruff. Many topical creams effective on psoriasis-affected skin elsewhere in the body may not be as effective on the scalp. Because of the hair growth, thorough application and washing off may be difficult too.

Jojoba oil is easy to apply and spreads well on the scalp as this wax is in liquid form in its natural state. It can clear up sebum and dead cell buildup by penetrating into the hair follicles and lifting up the debris which then washes off easily. The anti-inflammatory oil soothes the skin and reduces redness and itching. The vitamin E and other antioxidants in the oil may also help bring about favorable immunological changes.

At first you didn’t mean that much to me; now I know your all I need !!

You taught me so much about me my limits my strength. I never have loved another being like you before your son but we know that’s different. I find peace in knowing that I loved such an amazing person you motivate and inspired me so much ! I thank you for everything. To this day I still love you. My happiest moments were incomplete if you weren’t by my side. I was so in love with you.

Some of my best days and the best sexual experiences ever.

I know it wasn’t easy loving me. I used to see our future knowing I was your wife was enough. Anyways!!!!

Love you

We formed a lifelong bond

The F Word ???!?


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Lifestyle models and helpful hints on making anyone feeling like there the only one thinking that and knowing that you truly aren’t. And if you are so what; at the end of the day if your not different then it probably doesn’t get noticed.

Not saying that is wrong however developing a comfortable element to be in the skin your in and owning it without resolve.

Fresh and funky ideas on Oh Juicy is only the beginning.

I love the idea of discussion forums and connecting with other individuals. The ultimate goal is to network and being positive. Realizing that I can’t change you and you cant change me is simplest form of knowing you are who you are.

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